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"Leaders Who Last" Past...
Margaret Marcuson
Two-hour coaching session and one-hour consult with your church board with Margaret Marcuson, plus two of her books, "Leaders Who Last" and "Money and Your Ministry." Explore alternative approaches to church relationships th...

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Book Lovers' Package
Annie Bloom's Books, New Renaissance Bookshop
$25 gift certificate to New Renaissance Bookshop and $10 gift certificate to Annie Bloom's Books.

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Build a Library
Bruce Richards, Tom Krattenmaker, Marilyn Sewell
Nine books donated by Marilyn Sewell.

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Four books autographed ...
Marilyn Sewell
An eclectic assortment of books, some signed by the author.

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Interfaith Spiritual Ce...
Interfaith Spiritual Center
One Spiritual Direction Session with a spiritual director of your choice at the Interfaith Spiritual Center. "We are committed to honoring the Wisdom and Truth that come to us from all the faith traditions of the world; nurturing each pers...